Nov 18, 2008

Challenge 3

Challenge: chacune commence avec la même liste de produit. Chacune doit utiliser un morceau ou tout ce qui leur est donnee. Chacune d'entre nous crée quelque chose de totalement different et unique. Une joie de voir ce que cela donne!
Toutes les cartes sont ensuite envoyees a une charite...
This is Pam's Card a new addition to the challenge card!
This card is Linda F.

New Addition to the Challenge Club: Sandy

This is A new Addition to the Challenge Club! Ellen!

Michele's... As usual so creative!

This is Ev Work of art

This is the card Linda M created

This is the card I made.

Nov 14, 2008

So Many Birthday Again... And many more to go!

So many birthday in the last 2 weeks... Some cards I had a hard time making one that truly matched the person... And some I didn't.. Here are the cards that did not make the cut!

Nov 12, 2008

Ashley Birthday

Happy Birthday to Ashley!
19 yrs old!!!

This is our great Baby Sitter.. She bravely gets up every morning and take care of Remi from 6:00 am till 8:00 when the bus is here to pick him up!

Well she is a great girl and Remi like his time with her.

Nov 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Cheri!

Cheri's Birthday!

To the best Guard ever! Cheri Is one of the guard where I work with whom I can confide into when my day goes bad or right.
A great Lady ...

18 Already!

Happy Birthday Jessica...
Already 18 yrs old... Geeeee time goes so fast...
Well I know you love horses so hopefully she'll like this card. I thought that "Charlie" the horse was a great way to celebrate her B'Day.

SO Again Happy Birthday to You!

Nov 6, 2008

Joyeux Anniversaire Gilles!


Pour des rêves de voyages et des rêves de s'échapper...

Les courants te transportent de rêves en rêves et de réalités en réalités...

Prend soin de toi !!!

Nov 2, 2008

Name Tag !

Yesterday we went to a crop in Tinley Park (Chicago). This is the name tag I made.

Purple Elephant, Elephant Violet

The saying in inside the card!

Card class with the Girls.

We are now a nice group, 7 of us ( LindaM, LindaF, Evelyn, Michele, Sandy, Ellen and I). Everyone was to bring me a specific color of cardstock paper or patter paper or even embellishments . They even choose stamps that they would like to use on the next meet. With all of that I am to make cards (Usually 3). And teach them the next time we meet.
All I now is that I believe everyone is having fun.... Here are the cards:

Have a great Day!

Card for a Cure!

When I did my last card class, I added this card for them to do. We used pieces of scrap pink paper. The card is acetate. Well easy card to do but for a good cause. And I think everyone like it?
Do you?

Challenge 2

This was the second Challenge. Dark navy blue card, blue piece of cardstock,yellow tag,piece of ribbon, yellow pattern paper with stars on it and the 3 circles embossed in holographic blue on white paper.
This was Michele's card!

My own

Linda M's card

Linda F's creation. With a nice pull out card.

And Ev's