Oct 7, 2011

I had so much fun making these cards... Many friends got one for their birthday... if it was in August or beginning of September... Each card was colored a different color... Each one is unique with a different embellishment.
following are each card taking separately. I used Copic to color... I just love these markers...

Hope you enjoyed!!! :)

Feb 20, 2010


These images are from The Angel Company. This is one of the New stamp set that I had to have... I usually do not do much with cutie stamp but these are so darn cute I could not pass it up! So here I was with my new stamp set and not an idea in mind... Geese really that was not fair at all... So I decided to stamp the images for maybe some inspiration... Nope did not work... So I then decided to color them to see how I like them colored... I took my Copic markers out and went to town this part was a lot of fun for sure!!! Inspiration never came, but I finally put it into cards... Not the greatest for sure but still not that bad!

Feb 19, 2010

Little Things ...

Back to playing with my brayer I made this card... Using the Island set from the angel company. I extended the island to make look like a shore line and used sunset colors to give it a soothing feel. Once done I cut the picture and mated both pieces separately.

Feb 18, 2010

Chalk Technique...

Well I discovered a new Chalk technique and I had to try it out, and what better with this New stamp set from the angel Company. I will be posting a tutorial on this technique in a while ( as soon as I have the time to do so...). I really like the softness that the chalk bring to the image, almost comparable to watercoloring.
I just added a little bit of glitter to her hair ties to show my girlishness. Let me know what you think.

Feb 15, 2010

Friendship Tree..

I made this card wanting to use this tree... I just love trees... I think stamp collection has to be about 40% trees and 10% Birds... I am just so i lve with nature and their trees. A Simple design but to the point I think! Hope Who I sent it too will like it... Maybe She'll leave me a little note on this post? Well I trying to keep it coming... This week I am getting ready for a Brayer class on Saturday, promise I will share what we make... You all have a great week! HAPPY MONDAY!