Jun 30, 2008

Anniversary card Anniversaire de Mariage de P&S

Well at a stampin'up gathering we made the following beautiful card:
Then my best friend in the all wide world seen it and fell in love with it. I did not have that stamp set or either of these supply so I created my version of it. I created it with a CTMH set and I believe I love that made more than the original:
They do have a lot in common but both are pretty beautiful.

And to Sandy and Paul: Happy Anniversary !!!(8yrs).

Jun 28, 2008

Wedding Wishes

We are invited to a wedding in July. Here is the card I just made. A little fun with a"doily"'and just some fun to put it together I think I like the finish.
Simple yet elegant.

Jun 6, 2008

Sunset Seagul

Last year on our vacation to the Caribbean, I had a lot of fun my my (back Then) new digital camera. I took many many pictures. A long series of sunsets that I am fond of. One evening a flock of seagulls was in camera shot and I had a blast... Finally, here is the page I scrapbooked for that evening of fun.
I wanted to use as many pictures as I could since I had at least 10 favorites. A big seagull made of chipboard and embossed many many time in black for a nice glossy finish.
Let me know what you think :) and thanks for looking.

Jun 2, 2008

Nautical Set Of Cards


Here is a set of 3 cards... All were a lot of fun to make even so they were a lot of work. Since like in th efollowing card each color of the lighthouse as been stamped and cut to piece a colorful lighthouse.

Following is one of my favorite poem. It is in French and sorry can't find a translation of it.

Qu'il vive !

Ce pays n'est qu'un vœu de l'esprit, un contre sépulcre.

Dans mon pays, les tendres preuves du printemps et les oiseaux mal habillés sont préférés aux buts lointains.

La vérité attend l'aurore à côté d'une bougie. Le verre de fenêtre est négligé. Qu'importe à l'attentif.

Dans mon pays, on ne questionne pas un homme ému.

Il n'y a pas d'ombre maligne sur la barque chavirée.

Bonjour à peine, est inconnu dans mon pays.

On n'emprunte que ce qui peut se rendre augmenté.

Il y a des feuilles, beaucoup de feuilles sur les arbres de mon pays. Les branches sont libres de n'avoir pas de fruits.

On ne croit pas à la bonne foi du vainqueur.

Dans mon pays, on remercie