Oct 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to all of You!

Challenge 1

A couple of months ago I decided to challenge the Girls. Make Card making interested but different. I gave each one of us ( I do it also), the green embossed "Beautiful" stamp on white paper, a piece of doted red paper, 3 sizes of ribbons, a green brad and a red pin. They had two some of all of what was supplied but could had as they wished and use a little of it. As you can see everyone made something totally different. I got the girls OK to put their card on the blog so here they are:
This one was created by Linda M

This card was Designed by Evelyn.

This one made by Linda F.

This was handcrafted by Michele.

And this one was my creation.

Well this is a fun little group of girls. We made a couple more challenge that I will be posting as soon as I take the pictures of all the cards.

All cards will be donated !!!!

Oct 20, 2008

Too Busy!

Hello everyone! I have been so busy lately!I am actually working on several big projects. A scrapbook album which is an order and is taking quite some of my time, I will show you once I am done!Also I have several classes coming for which the cards are ready but I do not want to reveal them till then... Don't want to spoil the fun!But I'll be back soon with plenty... Have a great Day :)

Oct 6, 2008

Lew & Ellen Anniversary !

Already One Year!

It is amazing how fast time flies...

To Lew and Ellen, Wishing you many more years of happiness !!!

Lew and Ellen wedding was a fall wonderland... So I thought that continuing the Fall wonderland was the best way to go!

Hopefully the card got to them on time... :)

Oct 5, 2008

Be Grateful !

I had this line of birds left from a previous card I had made. Since we are close to thanksgiving another thanksgiving card was pretty much my only option.
I am a Scrap Diva... I use all kind of Scraps and love to make it happen on a card!

Such a challenge and so much fun to have a finish product that you can be proud of! The flower background was a wrapping for a scallop scrapbook album from basic grey.
I am not a fan of Thanksgiving for the only reason that I never celebrated it till I came to the US 10 yrs ago. I am slowly getting into it, and what a better way than to do it via some beautiful card!...


Fall !!!

The colors are starting to change and fall is for sure on our door step.
Here is my version of welcoming it!

Oct 4, 2008


Here it is ... In November I am taking my mother in law See the Play "Wicked". Broadway in Chicago...
So even so Her Birthday is November 17th She got her card yesterday! Hope she likes it, time will only tell.
I cutout the card. The green is the card itself. The black cardstock I cut out, same with the white and tan color. I just had to draw the nose and the eye. Even the red lips are just a piece of red cardstock. Lots call me the Exacto Queen!!! Well there I believe it was true.