Jan 16, 2008

A friend of Mine "Ev" lent me her "Best of cluck" set from Stampin' Up and I spent my week end playing with it.
I am not really good at writting big blogs...
Or any blog for that matter since this post is my 1st.
I am giving it a try.
I guess little by little where it takes me.
The 1st thing I did was to stamp the chickens with Black Stazon. Then watercolored them... That was so much fun to create blue and purple chicks....
The adding more and more things it finally became cards...
I love to make cards!
For Sure!
But once done I am too attached to mail them away from the coop.
I guess I should but maybe this blog will be a way to share without having to "cut the cord".

Ok enough of the not sharing thing I do make card and I do mail some but geeeeee some time it is just hard to part with some of them so I believe that just taking a picture gives me enough closure :)

Well thanks for checking my blog and my 1st post ever!

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Anonymous said...

Great story of that awsome lover you set out to find! Are you sure you didn't find him? I heard at one point he was driving a white T-Bird......