Jun 30, 2008

Anniversary card Anniversaire de Mariage de P&S

Well at a stampin'up gathering we made the following beautiful card:
Then my best friend in the all wide world seen it and fell in love with it. I did not have that stamp set or either of these supply so I created my version of it. I created it with a CTMH set and I believe I love that made more than the original:
They do have a lot in common but both are pretty beautiful.

And to Sandy and Paul: Happy Anniversary !!!(8yrs).


Anonymous said...

aww, thanks my love! It is a beautiful card, even better than the one I fell in love with in the first place. even Paul thought it was an awesome card! thanks again...

Bent Birch said...

I am totally in love with all of your cards! Good job and thanks for the inspiration!

Beth said...

So elegant!!! Really nice!