Oct 31, 2008

Challenge 1

A couple of months ago I decided to challenge the Girls. Make Card making interested but different. I gave each one of us ( I do it also), the green embossed "Beautiful" stamp on white paper, a piece of doted red paper, 3 sizes of ribbons, a green brad and a red pin. They had two some of all of what was supplied but could had as they wished and use a little of it. As you can see everyone made something totally different. I got the girls OK to put their card on the blog so here they are:
This one was created by Linda M

This card was Designed by Evelyn.

This one made by Linda F.

This was handcrafted by Michele.

And this one was my creation.

Well this is a fun little group of girls. We made a couple more challenge that I will be posting as soon as I take the pictures of all the cards.

All cards will be donated !!!!

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