Jan 17, 2009

Sandy's Birthday!!!


I wanted to make something hand made for Sandy's birthday. . .
Since lately she has been posting her favorite recipe on her blog I thought it would be great to make her her own recipe book where she could collect her favorites recipes and hopefully share them with us... Well with me was more my intentions... Like the Pear pie
she makes, by far my favorite ever... or her stuffed mushroom, these are so good she actully tryed that recipe for my birthday some years ago...
Sandy is my Best Friend... She is Fren
ch just like me.... Married an american and decided to spend the rest of her life in the "freedom" country...
She is a wonderful Preschool teacher that cares so much for her kids that she would
do the impossible for them... She believes in them like no other teachers would do... She loves my son like her own and sherish him like any mother would do.
All in all she is such a wonderful person it is my pleasure and my honor to be her friend.
Well Happy Birthday to my Girl!!!
Love you!

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