Jun 14, 2009


You got to know that this was for me one of the greatest of my scrapping day ever!!!! A big bunch of us all got together to create and donate... Let me explain.

We spent our day scrapping ( Our Passion), we scrapped the front of note pad. (5 3/4 x 8 1/5). Then attached the fronts to note pad and attached ribbon to the spiral. We made a total of ..... yes 133... can you believe it!!!!!!

133 note pads are now done!


The New Day
Foundation does a lot and this is where our notebook will go:
A gift box is presented to an adult patient upon his/her first chemo or radiation treatment as a sign of hope and promise. Each gift includes a hand crafted shawl, a general prayer card, a scroll with words of inspiration from cancer survivors, and often includes a small Teddy Bear or relaxing CD.... And now a note book will be added to the gift box...

Check this link to get more info about this wonderful foundation:

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