Dec 19, 2009

A Walk On The Beach

Tonight, I went for a walk.....

The many smells of the night air;
fir trees, sand, grasses and the sea
surround me in the cool, twilight breezes,
while a pure, silver-white moon rises majestically.

Stars begin to pop out like twinkling fairy lights.
The ocean murmurs and laps the shore tenderly.
Night birds, crickets and frogs fill the air
with the sounds of the night - as I walk softly.

Pleasure surrounds me as I take it all in.
My senses are alert and my eyes are full of delight.
I am a small part of the universe, problems diminish
and I know again how to drink in and feel the light.

I can't describe the rustling trees well enough to do it justice nor can I paint a good enough picture of the moonlit sea.
All I can hope to do in these words of mine
are to get across the breathtaking gladness I feel - to be me.

by SilverCeltic Moon

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