Mar 4, 2009

A really fun Technique to Do!

I call this technique the foam resist technique... No idea of the real name but I am for sure quite exited about it!
I love to go from blog to blog to website to.... wherever the web takes me. Well in one of my Web traveling time I stumbled onto a card that was using this technique... So I had to share this one with you.

Supplies: You will need some ink color of your choice; a heat gun and some funky foam.
There is really nothing to it
  • choose your stamp
  • with the heat gun in your left hand and the stamp in your right (if right handed)
  • with he heat gun heat up the foam till the edges start to lightly curl up
  • as soon as you lift the heat gun away from the foam stamp firmly onto that section for several seconds.
  • you'll see then a nice impression into the foam.
  • the last step is to brush the foam with your ink pad then wipe it off with a paper towel.
If you try it out I'd love to see what it look like. ;)

1 comment:

pascale said...

ah oui j'aime bien aussi ! je ne sais pas de quelle technique il s'agit en revanche le résultat est d'enfer! ça donne un coté ancien : bravo